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How to add invoices when new stock arrives in your venue

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With your First Inventory complete, you have an accurate count of your venue's stock. From this point, you must enter all of your invoices received into WISK.

Adding your invoices is crucial because it is the only way to get accurate:

  1. Consumption Data (usage)

  2. Costing

Consumption Data

If you don't add your invoices, your consumption data (i.e usage) won't be accurate when you submit your Second Inventory (See: Stock Errors).

Consumption = Starting Inventory + Invoices - Ending Inventory

Your consumption data is used to identify deadstock, overstock, suggest par levels for ordering, and more.

Learn more here:


When you add your invoices, if the price of an item changes, it updates the cost of every POS Item it’s sold in.

If you don’t add your invoices, the costs of your items won’t update, and you won’t have accurate dish costing.

Adding Invoices from Purchase Orders

If you used WISK to generate an order for one of your distributors, you can convert the purchase order into an invoice when it arrives.

You can do this in the Mobile App and WISK Web Portal:

Adding a Manual Invoice

if you didn’t generate an order to one of your distributors through WISK, you can add a manual invoice when it arrives.

You can add a manual invoice in both the Mobile App and WISK Web Portal

As part of your WISK Restaurant subscription, you can also scan invoices with the mobile app or email invoices to be processed. These invoices appear in your account as drafts and only affect your data once you approve them.

Adding Invoices via Supplier Integrations

WISK provides integrations with some distributors / suppliers to pull invoices into your account automatically from their system. This saves time, and ensures accuracy.

These invoices appear in your accounts as drafts, and will only affect your data once you approve them.

To learn more about our current list of integrations and how draft invoices work, please see:

Invoice Cost History

By entering your invoices, you can view the cost history of your items on the WISK Web Portal. Please see:

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