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How to create your venue and select your subscription type

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When you sign up for WISK, your setup depends on your subscription plan and whether you'll require Food and/or Beverage accounts.

Essentials, Professional or Elite Plans

When you sign up on these plans, our team assists you with account creation and setup. We'll provide you with separate accounts for Food and Beverage and schedule training sessions with your team.

To help with setup, we have Getting Started Guides for your Food and Beverage accounts.

Why Separate Accounts for Food and Beverage?

Having separate Food and Beverage accounts keeps your data manageable.

You likely have different staff responsible for Food and Beverage, and separate accounts means they’ll only see what is relevant to them.

This way you can see all your items, orders, invoices, sales, recipes and more without having to sort through data from the other side of your operation.

It also keeps your inventory counts separate. You may take food and beverage inventory counts at different times, and have unique storage areas.

Your user account will have access to both, and you can toggle between them at any time. No separate login details required!

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