WISK provides a number of integrations with third-party software/platforms. Some of these integrations are required in order to set up your account, and others greatly reduce your setup time and effort moving forward:

  • Required - Point of Sale (POS) Integration
  • Distributors / Suppliers / Vendors

Required Integrations

POS Integration

As part of the WISK Food setup process, you’ll need to integrate your account with your POS system. This step pulls the sales data from your POS into your account.

When you select your POS system after creating your venue, you'll receive an email with instructions on how to complete the integration.

Note: This pulls the items that you sell in your POS, for example, Margherita Pizza, not the inventory items that are used to create the final product. You add those items in a separate step.

By pulling the sales data, it allows you to add your recipes and get accurate dish costing for every item you sell.

WISK integrates with a number of POS systems, and you can find the full list and setup instructions for each here:


Distributors / Vendors / Suppliers

Depending on your distributors (also known as vendors, suppliers, etc), WISK may be able to integrate with them to import your past and future invoices into your account.

By importing your invoices, it populates your account with the items you order from that distributor, cutting down on your venue’s item set up time.

Moving forward, WISK can then import your invoices from that distributor automatically. This saves time as you don’t have to add the invoices manually, and reduces data entry errors.

WISK currently integrates with the following distributors/services:

  • Sysco
  • Gordon Food Services (GFS)
  • Multi Plus DM

Integrating with a Distributor

If one of your distributors is listed above, please contact support@wisk.ai to begin the integration process.

If you have other distributors, WISK can explore whether integration is possible.

Typically, the larger the distributor, the greater the chances that WISK can integrate. Other contributing factors are if the distributor has a web portal, or provides digital copies of invoices.

Integrating with a distributor is entirely optional, and you can still add invoices to your venue manually.

However, integrating with even one of your main suppliers can help reduce the amount of work required on your end.

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