At this time, Union does not have an API integration with WISK, or allow for an automated daily sales report email. However, we’ve made it easy for you to upload your Union sales into WISK without having to copy and paste your data into a template.

To get your sales from Union into WISK, you’ll need to:

  1. Set your POS Type to Union in your Venue Settings in WISK (a one-time process)

  2. Use your Back of House computer to export your “Sales by Item Summary” report in .csv format for the desired period of time

  3. Use WISK’s manual sales upload feature to upload the .csv file

Set POS Type to Union

Before uploading your sales, make sure that the POS Type for your venue is set to Union on the WISK Web Portal. You’ll only need to do this once.

1. Hover your cursor over your username on the bottom left, and click “Venue Settings” on the menu that appears

An arrow pointing to the

2. Click “Edit” beside POS Type (If it already says Union, you can go to the next section)

An arrow pointing to the

3. Select “Union” from the drop-down list and click “Save”

Union is selected in the drop-down menu and an arrow points at the Save button

Export the Sales by Item Summary Report

From your Union Back of House computer, export a copy of your Sales by Item Summary report in .csv format for the desired inventory period.

Note: We recommend exporting your sales whenever you complete an inventory. If you normally take an inventory on Monday mornings, export your sales from the previous Monday to Sunday.

Sample Report

Sales by Item Summary report showing the quantity of each item sold and the value

Upload the File

Note: Please make sure you have set your POS Type to Union otherwise it will not accept the file.

To upload the sales report file:

1. Click “Reports / Analytics”

2. Click “Variance”

An animated gif clicking Reports / Analytics, then

3. Click on Actions > Upload Sales Manually

An animated gif clicking on the Actions button, then Upload sales manually

4. Select the period that matches the sales file. You can choose either “Inventory Range” or “Date Range”.

The date selector on the upload sales manually page.

5. After selecting the period, click “Browse” and select the .csv sales file.

An arrow points at the Browse button on the upload sales manually page.

6. Click “Upload”.

7. You’ll now be back on the “Variance” page. The sales data may take a moment to appear. If it does not, refresh your browser.

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