Sometimes an archived POS Item can cause issues with your sales and variance.

For example you archived a POS Item months ago, and now you’re selling it again, and the sales appear to be missing in your account. By restoring the POS Item, it fixes the issue.

To unarchive/restore a POS Item:

  1. On the left-hand menu bar, click "Sales" then "POS Items"


  2. Find the POS Item you want to restore by using either the search bar or “Archived” predefined filter.


    If using the search, it shows you if any archived items match the search term. Just click the text to see the item(s):

    An arrow points to the text that appears showing matching items.

    To use the predefined filter click the drop-down menu and select “Archive”


  3. Click the checkbox beside the POS Item(s) you wish to restore

    An arrow points to the checkbox beside the archived POS Item.

  4. Click “Restore” in the window that appears

    The checkbox has been clicked and a window appears on the right side. An arrow points to the

  5. Click “OK” on the confirmation window to restore the POS Item

    An arrow points to the

    The POS Item is restored, and once again used in your sales data calculations.

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