Archiving POS Items

How to archive POS Items so they are not included in your venue's sales total

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Depending on your POS, WISK may receive sales data for categories of items you're not inventorying/ tracking in your account. For example, if you're using WISK Restaurant and your POS sends alcohol sales data in addition to food.

If this is the case, archive the POS Items of anything you're not tracking in that account. This could also include any text modifiers that don't affect the quantity of ingredients (For example, "Over Easy", "Rare").

When you archive a POS Item, if it has sales, those are excluded from the total imported sales value. For example, if WISK imported $15,000 worth of sales for both food and alcohol in your venue, by archiving the alcohol POS Items you’ll get the total food sales. For the sake of simplicity, lets say it's an even split of $7,500 for food, and $7,500 for alcohol.

This modified sales amount of just food ($7,500) is compared to your consumption to calculate your overall cost percentage.

Later on, you can archive any POS Items that you no longer sell in your venue, but keep in mind that if you archive a POS Item, it no longer appears in your historical data when looking at variances and sales in the past.

Archiving POS Items

To archive POS Items:

  1. Click the checkbox beside the items you want to archive (you can multi-select)

    An arrow points to the checkbox beside a POS Item.

  2. Click “Archive” on the pop-up menu that appears

    An arrow points to the Archive button

  3. Click “OK" on the confirmation window

    An arrow points to the "OK" button

  4. The selected POS Items are now archived.

Note: You can restore archived POS Items at any time. Please see "Unarchiving POS Items"

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