If your subscription is managed through WISK, you can view and download all of your invoices and receipts on the WISK Web Portal.

Note: If your subscription is through the App Store, check your Purchase History.

To view your invoices and payment receipts:

1. On the WISK Web Portal, hover your cursor over the bottom left where it displays your user name and click “Subscription”.

2. Under “Invoices” and “Payments” you’ll see each transaction. You can click the “View” button beside an invoice/receipt to open a new window to view and download it.

Note: By default, payment receipts are emailed to the billing email address on file. You can click the “Send invoice by email” checkbox to receive the invoice as well.

Changing the Billing Email Address

By default, whenever a payment is processed, the billing email address receives a copy of the receipt. If you are not receiving emails, you may need to update the billing email address.

You can click into the Email field to change the billing address:

Note: Please contact support@wisk.ai if you want additional email addresses to receive the invoices and receipts.

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