Modifying Your WISK Subscription

How to upgrade your subscription to a different plan

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Upgrading Your Subscription

If you want to upgrade your subscription to a higher plan, or switch to annual billing, there are two ways to do so:

  1. Click the "Upgrade Now" button or

  2. From the "Subscription" Page

"Upgrade Now" Button

If currently on the Essentials Plan or a legacy plan, you'll see an "Upgrade Now" button at the top of the screen on the WISK Web Portal. Click it to book a time with a member of our Customer Success team.

An arrow points to the "Upgrade Now" button.

Subscription Page

Alternatively, you can upgrade your subscription from the "Subscription" Page:

  1. On the WISK Web Portal, hover your cursor over the bottom left where it displays your user name and click “Subscription”

    The "Subscription" button is highlighted on the menu for emphasis.

  2. Click the pencil icon beside your current plan name to book a time with our Customer Success team

    An arrow points to the button to change your current plan.

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