If you have an active POS integration, and your last imported sales time appears incorrect, or you are missing sales, you can perform a manual refresh of your sales data.

By default, the system refreshes your sales data automatically:

  • every 6 hours

  • when an inventory count is submitted

  • when an invoice is added

Manual Sales Refresh

To refresh your sales data manually:

1. Go to the Sales page on the WISK Web Portal

2. You’ll see a message that displays when the system last performed a sales check, and when new sales were last imported.

3. Click the “Import Now” button to perform a sales refresh

4. A confirmation messages displays that the system is checking for new sales/reimporting your sales data.

5. Give the system a moment to update the data, you can refresh your page if necessary. The last sales check and last import times will then update. If there is new sales data, the last imported time will update.

You can check your sales for specific items by clicking the “Details” on the Sales page. If you have an API integration with your POS, you’ll be able to see the specific timestamps that the item was sold. If you have a daily sales email import, you’ll see the daily totals for each item.

If you refresh your sales and are still missing data, please reach out to support@wisk.ai or use the in-app chat to make sure your sales are uploaded correctly.

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