Refreshing / Reimporting your Sales Data

How to refresh/reimport your sales data if you are missing sales or it does't match the totals in your POS

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If you have an active POS integration, and your last imported sales time appears incorrect, or you are missing sales, you can refresh your sales data manually.

By default, the system refreshes your sales data automatically:

  • every 6 hours

  • when an inventory count is started

  • when an invoice is added

Note: Under Venue Settings, there is a "Live Sales" checkbox. Checking this refreshes your sales data every 30 minutes instead of every 6 hours.

For some supported POS systems, you can delete and reimport your sales data from a specific date moving forward.

Manual Sales Refresh

To refresh your sales data manually:

  1. Go to the Sales page on the WISK Web Portal

    The "Sales" side menu button is highlighted for emphasis.
  2. You’ll see a message that displays when the system last performed a sales check, and when new sales were last imported.

  3. Click the “Import Now” button to refresh the sales data

    An arrow points to the "Import Now" button.
  4. A confirmation messages displays that the system is checking for new sales/reimporting your sales data

    The sales reimport message window that opens.
  5. Give the system a moment to update the data, you can refresh your page if necessary. The last sales check and last import times will then update. If there is new sales data, the last imported time will update.

    The last sales check time has updated, but the last sales imported time hasn't.

You can check your sales for specific items by clicking the “Details” on the Sales page. If you have an API integration with your POS, you’ll be able to see the specific timestamps that the item was sold. If you have a daily sales email import, you’ll see the daily totals for each item.

If you refresh your sales and are still missing data, please reach out to [email protected] or use the in-app chat to make sure your sales are uploaded correctly.

Reimport Sales Data

For POS systems with a direct API integration, if you refresh your sales by following the steps above, but still notice missing data, you can try reimporting your sales.

When you reimport your sales, you select a date that you completed an inventory count. All the sales after that date are deleted and reimported into your venue.

This feature is available for the following POS integrations:

  • Aldelo

  • Clover

  • Cluster

  • Easygoband

  • Fudo

  • Heartland

  • Lightspeed

  • Maitre'D

  • MobileBytes

  • Omnivore***

  • Silverware

  • Square

  • Toast

  • TouchBistro

  • Veloce

  • Xetux

***Note: If your integration is with Omnivore, please check with our team before reimporting your sales. Omnivore keeps 30 days of sales history by default except for Micros 3700 which is 14 days. Since this process deletes the sales that were previously imported, you run the risk of there not being any sales in the history to reimport.

To reimport your sales data:

  1. On the "Sales" page, click "Actions", then "Reimport sales data"

    The "Actions" menu is highlighted and an arrow points to "Reimport sales data" on the drop-down menu.
  2. A window opens where you select the point in time you want to reimport sales from. By default, your second most recent inventory date is selected. Click the drop-down to select another date.

    An arrow points to the drop-down arrow on the "Reimport sales data" window.

  3. Select an inventory date from the drop-down list.

    A list of all inventory dates displays in the drop-down menu

    Note: You can only reimport sales for "open" inventory periods. You won't be able to reimport sales beyond your last locked inventory.

  4. After selecting the date, click "OK". In this example, all of the sales in the venue after Jan 1, 2022 2:16PM will be deleted from the WISK account and then reimported.

    An arrow points to the "OK" button.

    Note: WISK only ever pulls data from your POS. When you delete the sales data in WISK, it does not affect your POS.

  5. A message displays saying that the data is being reimported. It may take a few minutes or longer depending on how far back in time you selected. You will see the "Last sale imported" message fluctuate as the sales data is reimported.

    The window that displays when the sales data is being reimported.

If after reimporting your sales, you still see an issue with your data please reach out to [email protected] or use the in-app chat and our team will investigate.

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