Flow Meters for Beer Kegs

While you can weigh your kegs or use the visual mode to track consumption of your draught beer, another method is by using flow meters.

Flow meters measure the volume of liquid that travels through each beer tap at over 99% accuracy. This provides you with your consumption automatically, with no need to weigh or estimate the amount remaining in the keg.

WISK integrates with the following flow meter systems:

These are third-party providers that have their own setup/subscription fees and hardware costs. Once the system has been set up, please contact support@wisk.ai and we’ll begin the integration process.

After Integration is Complete

After the integration is complete, you’ll need to link the flow meters taps to your kegs in WISK.

1. Go to the Items Page on the WISK Web Portal

2. Click “Columns” and click the checkbox that says “Beer Saver Tap” or “Kegtron Tap” if it isn’t already selected

3. Use the search or sort to find your beer kegs

4. Click into the “Beer Saver Tap” or “Kegtron Tap” column for a keg

5. Select the tap on the drop-down list that matches the beer keg

6. The flow meter is now linked to the keg

Take Inventory

Now that your kegs are linked to the flow meters, when you next take inventory, you only need to count your full kegs. This is because the consumption comes from the flow meters, instead of the standard consumption calculation (as a reminder, Consumption = Starting Inventory + Invoices - Ending Inventory)

After you submit your inventory counting only full kegs, you can check the consumption on the WISK Web Portal in the Consumption Report.

It takes the volume reading from the flow meter and converts it to units based on the keg size.

In the example above, it shows 1.43 units of the 30L Sleeman Honey Brown keg were consumed based on the reading from the flow meter.

This is the most accurate way to track your draught beer consumption.

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