To integrate your Harbortouch POS sales with WISK, you can schedule an automated daily sales report or product mix email to be sent to

This report needs to show your sales for each item in your POS, not just the totals per category. The report also needs to be in XLS or CSV format.

If you're using the Lighthouse Business Management System, you can schedule the daily report email here:

Otherwise, please contact your Harbortouch provider to set up the scheduled report.

At a minimum, the sales report / product mix needs to include the following information so it can be uploaded to your venue:

  • POS Code - the unique identifier code for the item in your POS system (if you don't use identifier codes, WISK will use the Item Name instead)
  • Item Name - the name of the item in the POS
  • Quantity Sold - the quantity sold of the item in the sales report period
  • Net Sales - the total dollar value of the item sales in the sales report period

Please see the image below for an example of a sales report from the Lighthouse Business Management System:

harbor harbour

After WISK receives your first sales report email, the development team will set up the upload so that the sales data appears in your venue.

You’ll receive a notification that the integration is complete when the sales are uploaded for the first time.

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