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Add WISK on Toast Partner Connect Portal

If your subscription plan includes POS integrations (Essentials +), you can integrate your Toast POS account with WISK via the Toast Partner Connect Portal.

Log into Toast Partner Connect via Toast's back-end and look for the WISK tile under "Integrations", then click "Add Now"

For more information about Toast Partner Connect subscriptions and steps for adding integrations, please see the following Toast resources:

Note: Use of Toast Partner Connect requires an additional fee that is added to your Toast subscription.

Message WISK Support

After clicking "Add Now", our team is notified and completes the final steps. You can also send a quick message to or reach out in the in-app chat to let us know you've started the integration process.

You'll receive an email notification when the integration is complete.

Note: If you haven't received a notification that the integration is complete after 1 business day (Mon-Fri), please contact us.

After the integration is complete, WISK pulls up to your last 2 years of sales data from your Toast POS. It may take a few hours for your sales data to appear in your account. Learn more here:

Customizing your Sales Data / POS Items

After the integration is complete, you can customize how your sales data / POS Items appear in WISK. This is essential if you make extensive use of modifiers. To customize your sales data:

  1. Go to the WISK Web Portal -

  2. Hover over your user icon on the bottom left

  3. Click Venue Settings

  4. Click "Edit" beside POS Type

  5. You’ll then see your customization options

  • Include all POS Items even if not sold - By default, WISK only pulls items with sales. If you create a new item in your POS, it won’t appear as a POS Item in your account until it is sold. If you check this box, it will appear as a POS Item before it is sold, and can be mapped.

  • Include Modifiers - If you use modifiers that affect the pour size, you’ll want to check this box. For example, you have a “Jameson” button in Toast, and then a “1oz” and “2oz” modifier option. Checking this option creates a new POS Item for each modifier at a different price. You can then add the recipe to each POS Item. Otherwise, it will all appear under one “Jameson” POS Item, and you won’t be able to map it correctly.

  • Include modifiers with price of 0 - Similar to the checkbox above, but this will create separate POS Items for modifiers of an item that don’t affect the price. For example, the type of mix (Orange juice, ginger ale, etc.). This may create a large number of POS Items in your account. Most venues won’t need to enable this option.

6. Check the necessary boxes, and click “Save”

Note: You’ll need to refresh your sales data to reflect the changes you’ve made by going to the “Sales” page and clicking the import button.

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