How to Integrate Visual Touch POS

How to set up a daily sales email sent to [email protected]

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To import your sales data into WISK from Visual Touch:

  1. Email your Visual Touch rep and cc [email protected]

  2. Request that your daily sales are sent to [email protected] in a .htm file called the Customer Preference Report.

  3. The daily sales report is then uploaded to your account when received by WISK

  4. You’ll receive a notification that the integration is complete when the sales are uploaded for the first time

Note: If you have multiple venues, please have your Visual Touch rep include the name of the venue in the email subject. You can also have them send the emails to pos+(venuename) for each venue.

For example, if you had Green Leaf Tavern and Red Rock Pub, you could send them to [email protected], and [email protected].

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