To integrate your Squirrel POS with WISK, please contact the Squirrel Solution Center 24x7:

When speaking with Squirrel:

  • Request a daily export of the "ItemUsage.xls" to be sent to

  • The name of the report is the Gross P Mix - Menu Entry Usage Report

When WISK receives the report, it is uploaded to your account.

You’ll receive a notification that the integration is complete when the sales are uploaded for the first time.

Note: Squirrel should be able to set everything up for the daily export on their end, including setting up an email address to send the reports from.

Sample Report


If you have set up the automated daily email report, and notice that you are missing sales data for a day or range of dates, please take the following steps:

  1. Generate the Gross P Mix - Menu Entry Usage Report for each missing day

  2. Send each report in a separate email to

  3. Contact us through the chat or email to let us know you've sent the missing sales

  4. Our team will then tag the emailed reports so that they are uploaded to your account

When you refresh your sales data, everything should now be there.

We recommend checking in with Squirrel Support to make sure that the daily automated email is still being sent on their end. They can also assist you with sending the missing reports.

Omnivore Integration

You can also integrate your Squirrel POS through Omnivore if you would like to have near/real-time sales data imported into your account instead of a daily report. Learn more here:

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