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How to Integrate MYR POS

How to integrate your MYR POS (formerly Koomi) with WISK

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WISK gets sales data from MYR through a direct API integration. To complete the integration, WISK generates an API key that is shared with MYR.

You must contact [email protected] or reach out in the chat to start the integration process.

Select MYR as POS Type

  1. On the WISK Web Portal, hover your cursor over your user icon on the bottom left, then click "Venue Settings"

    The Venue Setting button is highlighted for emphasis.
  2. Click "Edit" beside POS Type

    The "Edit" button is highlighted for emphasis.
  3. In the window that opens, click the “POS Type” drop-down menu, and select MYR

    An arrow points to click the drop-down menu in the POS Type field.
  4. Click "Generate an API key"

  5. The API Key generates. Click "Save"

    Note: If you have both Food and Beverage accounts for the same venue, copy the API Key and switch to the other account and paste it and click "Save"

Contact WISK Support

After generating your API key, please contact [email protected] or reach out in the chat. The WISK Support Team will confirm the API key and reach out to MYR POS to complete the integration.

Note: If you generate an API key and don't contact [email protected], the integration will not be completed.

You’ll be notified once the process is complete.

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