How to Integrate Cluster POS

How to integrate your Cluster POS with WISK

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To integrate your Cluster POS with WISK, you’ll need to:

1. Send Cluster Support ([email protected]), the following message and cc [email protected]:

“Hello Cluster Support,

We would like to enable the integration between WISK and Cluster for our venue, {venue name}.”

2. The Cluster Support team will get back to you and verify your details. You’ll also need to pay a one-time integration fee to Cluster.

3. After the fee is paid, Cluster will send you the integration credentials via email. Please forward these credentials to [email protected] if they were not a recipient of the initial email.

4. The WISK Support Team will enter the credentials to complete the integration.

Note: When the integration is complete, WISK will import your last 6 months of sales data. It may take a few hours for your sales data to appear. If it does not, please contact [email protected].

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