Before adding a transfer, make sure to check out the "About Transfers" article to learn if this is a feature your venue would benefit from.

Creating the Transfer

1. Click Inventories > Transfers

2. Click the “Actions” button on the top right

3. Click “Transfer”

4. Click the drop-down menus to select where the items are being transferred from, and where they’re being transferred to.

5. After selecting the areas, click “Save”

Adding Items to the Transfer

With the transfer created, you can now add items to it.

Before adding any items, double-check the Date field. It populates with the current date and time, but if you’re adding a transfer that happened in the past, change the date to when the items were moved.

When the date and time are correct, you can start to add the items:

1. Click the “Add Item” field and type the name of the item, then click the item from the search results.

2. After selecting the item, enter the quantity. You can enter cases, full units, and partial units (in ounces).

3. Click “Add”

4. The item is added to the transfer, and it saves automatically. You can add more items to the transfer as needed. When finished, Click the “X” button to close the window.

5. After closing the window, you’ll receive a prompt asking if you’d like to send a confirmation email to the users in your venue.

6. The transfer now appears in your list of Transfers on the Transfers page. If you go to the “Items” page and hover over the “Stock” of an item, you can see the transfer (if it applies to the current inventory period)

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