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Transfers Between Inventory Areas
Transfers Between Inventory Areas

Learn more about transfers between inventory areas and when to use them

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Transfers allow you to move items from one inventory area to another in the same venue.

Note: If you're looking for transfers between venues, please see:


The purpose of transfers is that they can provide you with consumption/usage for specific areas in your venue. This is helpful if you’re selling products from more than one area (you may have multiple bars in the venue).

Normally, WISK provides you the overall consumption of the venue if you’re taking regular inventories and adding your invoices. For most venues, this is enough information.

Transfers Example

As a reminder, your venue’s overall consumption is calculated this way:

Consumption = Beginning Inventory + Invoices/Movements - Ending Inventory.

However, there are cases where you may wish to see the exact consumption in an area. For example, if you have a smaller bar that only sells beer (let’s call it Beer Table).

If you take an inventory on Monday, and count 24 units of Heineken at the Beer Table, and take an inventory the next week and have 36 units, it will think that:

Beginning Inventory (24) + Invoices/Movements (0) - Ending Inventory (36) = Consumption (-12).

While your consumption for the venue overall is correct because you took accurate counts and added your invoices, it thinks that the Heineken consumption for the Beer Table area is -12, because you went from 24 to 36 units.

By using transfers, you can get an accurate consumption amount for the Beer Table. Let’s say during that week, you actually transferred 3 cases of 24 bottles to the Beer Table (for a total of 72) units.

By transferring those items in, your consumption for the venue will actually be:

Beginning Inventory (24) + Invoices/Movements (72) - Ending Inventory (36) = Consumption (60).

By adding transfers, your consumption for the Beer Table area is actually 60 units.

Enabling Transfers in the App

By default, the Transfers feature isn’t enabled in the mobile app.

If it doesn’t appear for you on the “Inventories” page of the app, you can enable it on the WISK Web Portal:

  1. Hover your cursor over your username on the bottom left, and click “Venue Settings” on the menu that appears

    An arrow points to "Venue Settings" in the menu.
  2. Check the “Transfers” box

    An arrow points to the "Transfers" checkbox.
  3. Transfers now appear in the WISK mobile app

To learn how to use Transfers in both the app and web, please see:

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