Importing Distributors into your Venue

If you already have a list of your distributors, you can import them into your venue using our template

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If your venue has a large number of distributors, you can import them into your account using our spreadsheet template instead of adding them individually.

Importing Distributors using the Template

To import your distributors into the WISK Web Portal:

  1. Click “Items” then "Distributors"

  2. Click “Actions” then “Import distributors from Excel file”

  3. You can then either download the template with your current list of distributors, or an empty template.

    • Empty template - Use this if you’re adding new distributors

    • Existing template - Use this if you need to edit or add multiple contacts to an existing distributor

Empty Template

In the empty template, fill out the following fields for each of your distributors:

  • Distributor Name

  • Name (this is the name of your contact at the distributor)

  • Email

  • Phone

Note: You must include either the contact's email or phone number for the template to upload successfully.

Don’t fill in the WISK Distributor ID and Contact UUID. These fields will populate automatically after you have imported the distributors.

If a distributor has more than one contact, just copy the distributor name and add the details in a new row. In the example below, there are 2 contacts for “Import Example 2”.

After you’ve added all of your distributors and their contacts, you’ll upload the filled-out template.

Uploading the Empty Template

  1. Return to the “Import Distributors from Excel File” screen and click “Browse” and select the file

  2. Click “Upload”

  3. The new distributors with contacts appear in your list of distributors, and can now be assigned to your items

Existing Template

If you need to add or edit multiple contacts for your existing distributors, you can download a template spreadsheet that contains your distributor data.

In this template, you’ll see that the WISK Distributor ID and Contact UUID fields are filled out.

If you are adding contacts to a distributor, copy the following fields and paste them into a row below:

  • WISK Distributor ID

  • Distributor Name

Then fill out the name, email, and phone number of the contact.

Note: Leave the Contact UUID fields blank for any new contacts, they’ll be populated when the template is uploaded.

You can make any changes to the existing contacts by updating the contents of the fields.

Note: You can add new distributors as well by filling out the necessary fields (see “Import Example 4” in the image above)

Uploading the Existing Template

  1. Return to the “Import Distributors from Excel File” screen and click “Browse” and select the file

  2. Click “Upload”

  3. The updated / new contacts appear under the distributors. Any new distributors display as well

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