When you add items to an invoice in WISK, the “Total” column represents the value of the items you’ve added at cost, without taxes. WISK uses that cost/unit for calculating inventory value and beverage costs.

However, for accounting purposes, there is an “Invoice total on paper” field you can enter the full amount paid on the invoice, including any additional charges (taxes, delivery/import fees, etc.) or credits.

By adding charges or credits as additional line items to an invoice, you can get the “Invoice total on paper” and the “Total” to match.

Note: This feature is currently only available on the WISK Web Portal and will be coming to the app in the near future.

Creating a Charge / Credit Reason

To begin, you’ll create reasons for why you’re adding a charge or credit to the invoice. Once they are created, they’ll appear in a list you can select from.

1. Open or create an invoice in the WISK Web Portal

2.Along the bottom of the screen, click “Add Charge” or “Add Credit”. A charge will add to the invoice total, and a credit will subtract from the invoice total.

3.Click into the “Reason” field.

4.Click “New charge/credit reason”

5. Put the name of the reason. If it is a deposit, you can check the “Deposits” box.

Note: This is for a Deposits report feature that will be coming soon.

6. After adding the details, Click “Save”

7. The reason is added, and will appear in your list of Charge/Credit reasons.

Adding the Charge / Credit

1. Click “Add Charge” or “Add Credit”

2. Click the “Reason” field

3. Select from the list of reasons

4. Enter the quantity, and the dollar value of the charge / credit. In most cases, you’ll put “1” in the quantity, but in the case of keg returns, you may put more (See the Keg Return section below)

5. After adding the quantity and dollar value, click “Add”

6. The charge/credit is added to the invoice, and the “Total” will update to reflect the charge or credit. You’ll see it appear below the items in the invoice.

7. Add any other additional charges or credits to the invoice. Once they are added, the “Invoice total on paper” and “Total” fields will match.

Keg Returns

Sometimes on your invoices, you’ll receive a credit for any empty kegs that are returned to the distributor. You can track these by adding a credit to your invoice.

To add a keg return deposit:

  1. Click “Add Credit”
  2. Click “Reason”
  3. Click “New credit reason”
  4. Give the return an appropriate name, then check the “Deposit” box and click “Save”

5. Select the Keg Return from your list reasons

6. Add the quantity (the number of kegs being returned), and their value, then click “Add”

7. The credit is applied to the invoice. You’ll see the “Total” value change, and that the credits have been added.

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