To Integrate your Veloce Cloud account with WISK:

Step 1 - Access Venue Settings

  1. Go to the WISK Web Portal -
  2. Hover over your user icon on the bottom left
  3. Click Venue Settings

Step 2 - Select Veloce as POS

1. Click "Edit" beside POS Type

2. Select "Veloce" from the list of POS providers

3. Click "Find location ID"

Step 3 - Log in to Veloce Cloud

1. In the window that opens, type your Veloce Cloud username and password and click "OK"

2. Once logged in, click the drop-down menu to select the location from the venues in your Veloce Cloud Account.

3. The Location ID field populates for the selected venue

4. Click “Save”

Note: If you receive an error message or sales data does not appear in your venue in a couple of hours, please contact WISK support.

You can send an email to or reach out in the chat.

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