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How to integrate your POS with WISK by using Omnivore's Universal API

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For some POS systems, WISK uses Omnivore’s Universal API to integrate your sales data.

This provides a direct integration, where you’ll be able to see your sales data in real-time or near real-time (depending on the POS system). You won’t have to worry about uploading sales manually, or sending a daily sales report email.

Note: Omnivore charges a small fee of $30 USD / month per venue, which is added to your WISK subscription once the integration is complete.

WISK uses Omnivore for the following POS systems:

  • Aloha*

  • Brink

  • Dinerware

  • Doshii (Impos, Starrtec, H&L, TriniTEQ, ArzPOS)

  • Oracle Hospitality (Micros 3700, Simphony1, Simphony2)

  • POSitouch

  • Squirrel


Note*: For Aloha, the sales data is only sent once a day but all transactions are timestamped with when they were sold. It's possible to get sales more frequently but will require some setup with NCR Aloha and additional fees.

Integration Process

The steps in the integration process vary depending on whether:

  1. You don't have an Omnivore account

  2. You already have an Omnivore account because you're using it with other software

New Omnivore Account

If you don't already have an Omnivore account, follow these steps:

  1. On your back of house POS, go to https://connect.omnivore.io/invite/9064596

  2. Download and install the base Omnivore agent

  3. Create your Omnivore account

  4. You'll be presented a calendar within Omnivore to select a date/time to schedule with the Omnivore and WISK teams to complete the install.

Existing Omnivore Account

If you're already using Omnivore:

  1. Find your Location ID

  2. Email your Location ID to [email protected] or reach out in our chat

  3. Our team will use your Location ID to request access to your venue (you'll receive an email notification from Omnivore about the request).

  4. Go to the Omnivore Control Panel and approve the request

  5. Once the request is approved, our team will complete the final steps and you'll receive an email notification when it is complete.

Next Steps

After the installation is complete, it may a few hours for your sales data to appear in your account.

You can then start adding your recipes to your POS Items in WISK.

For more information, please see:


If you notice that your sales data stops importing into WISK, please contact [email protected] or reach out via the in-app chat.

Our team will investigate and see if it can be resolved on our end, or if we'll have to contact Omnivore Support.

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