If your user account has Admin access, you can create a new venue. You can create a new venue in the WISK Web Portal.

Note: A new venue requires a separate subscription.

WISK Web Portal

1. Click your venue name on the top left-hand side of the window

2. In the "Switch to" drop-down menu, click “New Venue”

3. Type in the venue name, and it will search for it in Google Places. Click the result that matches the venue. You can also click “Input manually” to input the venue details.

4. Fill in the required fields and click “Save”

5. You can then invite users to the venue by entering emails and selecting a role.

You can find more information on roles and permissions here.

You can click invite after entering emails and assigning roles, or just click the “X” button if you don’t wish to invite additional users at this time.

6. You are now back on the switch venue screen. Click the “Switch to” Dropdown menu to switch to the new venue.

7. You’ll then need to select your plan and enter payment information to start a subscription for the new venue. By default, it selects the plan from your other venue. You can change this by clicking on the pencil icon.

8. After entering your payment information, click “Save”. You’ll then have access to the new venue.

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