Adjustments are a flexible feature to track anything going out of your inventory that is not a return to a distributor.

You can learn more about adjustments here.

Adding an Adjustment

Creating the Adjustment

1. Click Inventories > Adjustments on the side menu bar

2. Click the “Actions” button on the top right

3. Under “New”, click “Adjustment”

4. Select the area where the item(s) will be removed.

5. Select the Adjustment Reason. If your venue doesn’t have any reasons, or you need to add a new one, click “New adjustment reason”

6. Enter the name for the adjustment reason and click “OK”

7. Click “Save” to start adding items to the adjustment.

Adding Items to the Adjustment

With the adjustment created, you can now add items to it.

Before adding any items, double-check the Date field. It populates with the current date and time, but if you are adding an adjustment that happened in the past, change the date to when the item was removed from your inventory.

When the date and time are correct, you can start to add the items:

1. Click the “Add Item” field and type the name of the item, then click the item from the search results.

2. After selecting the item, enter the quantity. You can enter cases, full units, and partial units (in ounces). All adjustments remove stock from your venue, so make sure you are entering a positive value.

3.Click “Add” after entering the quantity

4. The item is added to the adjustment, and it saves automatically. You can add more items to the adjustment as needed. Click the “X” button to close it.

After adding the adjustment, learn how it affects your data.

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