Sometimes you’ll need to remove/ write off stock from your inventory because of breakage, corked items, waste/wastage etc. Depletions are a flexible feature to track anything going out of your inventory that is not a return to a distributor.

You can add depletions in the WISK Web Portal and Mobile App.

When you add a depletion, you’ll need to provide a reason why the stock is being removed from your inventory. If you’ve added depletions before, you can select from a list of reasons, otherwise, you’ll create a new reason.

Some examples of reasons may include:

  • Breakage - for any broken items

  • Wastage / Spillage - if you keep a log of your spills/spillage, you can enter it here

  • Corked or Spoiled - if an item is spoiled and not suitable for use/sale

  • Comp / Promo - if an item is given away, and not entered in the POS at a 100% discount.

After putting a reason, you’ll then select the items and the amount. They can be in full units, cases, or even a specific measurement (oz, ml, etc.).

Why should I use depletions?

Depletions are important to make sure that your consumption data is accurate. This is very important if your POS is integrated with WISK for spotting variances.

For example, let's say a case of beer is damaged, and 10 of the cans in the case are no longer suitable for sale and are disposed of. For that inventory period, you’ll see a variance for that item if you don’t enter a depletion.

In the image above, it says you sold 20 units, but consumed 30, making your variance -10. In other words, you are showing a loss of 10 units.

By adding a depletion of 10 units, the breakage is deducted from the consumption.

You’ll then see that the consumption is now 20, instead of 30, and there is no longer a variance.

You can view every depletion ever entered in your venue by going to the Depletion page on the WISK Web Portal.

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