Updating Subscription Payment Information

How to add and remove credit cards from your WISK subscription

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On the WISK Web Portal, you can manage credit cards associated with your venue's subscription if you have Admin permissions.

This article goes over how to:

Adding a Credit Card

If you need to add a new card (card has expired, etc) follow these steps:

  1. From the WISK Web Portal, hover your cursor over the bottom left where it displays your user name, and click “Subscription”

    The "Subscription" menu option is highlighted for emphasis.
  2. On the Subscription page, click “Add card”

    An arrow points to the "Add card" button.
  3. Fill in the credit card information and click “Save”

    An arrow points to the "Save" button.
  4. The new card appears under the list of credit cards for your venue. There is a green checkmark beside the card, indicating it is now the default payment method. This card will be charged on your next billing date

    The added card is highlighted for emphasis.

    Note: If you experience any issues with adding a credit card, please contact [email protected].

Removing a Credit Card

To remove a credit card, follow these steps:

  1. From the Subscription page, click on the credit card you want to remove

    An arrow points to a credit card attached to the account.
  2. Click the “Delete” button to remove the card

    An arrow points to the delete button icon.

    Note: You must have at least one other valid credit card on file to remove a card. If you’re removing an expired card, follow the steps above to add the new card first.

  3. Click “OK” to confirm removing the selected card

    An arrow points to the "OK" button to confirm removing the card.
  4. The selected card is removed from the account

    The card no longer appears under the list of cards.

Assigning a Default Card

The default credit card is marked with a green checkmark and is charged at the beginning of your billing period.

Whenever you add a new credit card, it's automatically set as the default for all future charges. If you have multiple cards attached to your venue, and want a specific one charged at the next billing period, you can set it as the default.

To set a credit card as the default:

  1. Click a credit card that isn't the default

    An arrow points to a card that isn't the current default card.

  2. Click the "Set as default" button

    An arrow points to the "Set as default" button.

  3. The credit card is now the default and will be charged at the beginning of the next billing period

    The selected card is now the default (shown by the green checkmark beside the card).

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