If your subscription is managed through the App Store or directly through WISK, you can cancel/unsubscribe in the WISK mobile app.

Before you cancel, if you have questions, concerns, or are not satisfied with WISK, you can contact our support team using the in-app chat, or sending a message to support@wisk.ai.

We’re happy to address any questions or issues you may be experiencing with the platform.

Note: If you’re looking to pause your subscription temporarily, and not cancel, please contact support@wisk.ai.

To cancel your subscription:

1. On the “More” tab, tap Subscription.

2. Tap “Cancel Subscription”

3. On the confirmation pop-up, tap “Cancel Subscription”

4. Please complete the short exit survey. Your feedback helps us improve our product.

5. After completing the survey, tap “Unsubscribe”.

Subscription through WISK

If your subscription is managed through WISK, the support team is notified of your cancellation request and will contact you to confirm that your subscription has been canceled.

Subscription through App Store

If your subscription is through the App Store, you’ll be directed to the Subscriptions page in your device settings / Apple ID to confirm the cancellation has gone through.

If you are not directed there automatically, follow these steps to access your Subscriptions on your iOS device and complete the cancellation:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap your name.
  3. Tap Subscriptions. (If you don't see "Subscriptions," tap "iTunes & App Store" instead. Then tap your Apple ID, tap View Apple ID, sign in, scroll down to Subscriptions, and tap Subscriptions.)
  4. Tap the WISK subscription.
  5. Tap Cancel Subscription. If you don’t see Cancel Subscription, the subscription is already canceled and won't renew.

For more information, please see the Apple Support site.

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