You can edit the time or contents of an invoice, return, depletion or depletion in both the WISK Web Portal and the mobile app.

WISK Web Portal

  1. Go to the Invoices / Returns, Depletions or Transfers page

  2. Click the “Details” of the Invoice / Return / Depletion / Transfer that you wish to edit

Date / Time

  1. Click the “Date” field

  2. Select the Date and time of the action The time selector goes by the hour, but you can type an exact time in the field.

  3. Click “OK”. The new time then saves.


Click into the Units, Cases or Partial field and type the new amount to adjust the quantity.

Removing an Item

  1. Place your cursor over the item, a blue arrow appears to the left of it.

  2. Click the blue arrow

  3. Click “Remove”

Price / Cost

  1. Make sure the price per unit/case column is set correctly (either set to cases or units)

  2. Click into the “Price” column and adjust the amount.

Note: If you enter the cost of a case, but put it as “per unit”, this will inflate the total. If you put the cost of a unit and put it as per case, this will lower the total significantly.

Mobile App

Please note, you can only edit invoices in the app.

If you need to edit a return, depletion or transfer, please do so on the WISK Web Portal.

  1. Tap "Orders" on the bottom menu bar

  2. Tap "Invoices History"

  3. Tap the invoice you wish to edit

  4. After making any updates, please see “Saving your changes” below

Date / Time

  1. Tap the information icon on the top right

  2. Tap the “Date” field to adjust the date and time

  3. Tap “Continue”


To adjust the quantity of an item, tap the “+” or “-” buttons beside it.

If you need to change the unit type (from units to cases or vice versa):

  1. Tap the item

  2. Enter the new amount by adding or removing the quantity

  3. Tap "Confirm" to submit

Price / Cost

  1. Tap the item

  2. Make sure the price per unit/case column is set correctly (either set to cases or units)

  3. Tap the Price/Unit field to update the value

  4. Tap “Confirm”

Removing an Item

To remove an item:

  1. Swipe the item to the left

  2. Tap “Delete”

Saving your Changes

After you make any changes, you’ll need to save them. This does not create a new invoice, it just saves the changes you have made.

  1. Tap “Review invoice”

  2. Tap “Submit”

  3. Tap “Confirm”

  4. You'll then be prompted if you wish to send a confirmation email about the invoice edit

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