If you need to archive an invoice, return, or adjustment, you can do this in the WISK Web Portal or the mobile app.

Anything that is archived will be excluded from all calculations in the venue.

Items are archived instead of deleted so they can be restored easily if they were removed by mistake.

WISK Web Portal

To access your Invoices / Returns, go to the Orders > Returns / Invoices page. To access your adjustments, go to Inventories > Adjustments.

1. Click the “Details” of the Invoice / Return / Adjustment that you wish to archive.

2. Click the “Actions” button

3. Click “Archive”

Mobile App

Please note, you can only currently archive invoices on the app. If you need to archive a return or adjustment, please do so on the WISK Web Portal.

  1. Tap “Edit Delivery”
  2. Swipe the delivery to the left
  3. Tap “Archive”

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