Returning Items to a Distributor

How to return stock to a distributor

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While adding all of your invoices is essential to using WISK, tracking your returns is equally important.

If you don’t track stock you've returned to a distributor, your consumption will appear greater than it actually is the next time you take an inventory count.

Note: You can also use returns to transfer stock between venues. To learn more, please see:

You can add returns in both the WISK Web Portal and the mobile app.

WISK Web Portal

  1. Click “Orders”, then “Invoices / Returns”

    The "Invoices / Returns" button on the side menu bar is highlighted
  2. Click Actions > Return

    The "Actions" button has been clicked, and an arrow points to "Return" on the list of options.

Select Distributor, Area, and Time

  1. Click the drop-down arrow to select the Distributor for the return

    An arrow points to the "Select Distributor" drop-down menu.

  2. Select the inventory area the items are being removed from

    Note: If returning items from more than one area, just select the most applicable one

  3. Click Save

    An arrow points to the "Save" button.
  4. A window opens where you can start adding items to the return. Before you begin, make sure the date and time of the return is correct. By default, it populates with the current date and time. Click into the “Date” field if you need to make any changes

    An arrow points to the "Date" field

    Note: If the return isn’t dated properly, it may impact your consumption for the wrong inventory period.

Adding Items to Return

  1. Click into the “Add Item” field and start typing the name of an item

    The "Add Item" section of the page is highlighted an an arrow points to the "Add Item" field.
  2. Click a match to select the item

    An arrow points to the match search result indicating to click it.

  3. Select the measurement type of the item. This can be units, cases, or a manual measurement (helpful for entering partial units)

    An item has been selected, and the "Measurement" drop-down has been clicked, showing the option to select unit, case, or manual.

    Note: If you select manual, you can select specific units of measurement depending on whether it is a volume or weight-based item

    "Manual" has been selected as the measurement, and a "Unit of measurement" drop down displays showing different measurements for weight and volume-based items.

  4. Enter the quantity of the item to return, based on the measurement type you've selected

  5. Click “Add”. The item is added to the return

    2 units have been entered, and an arrow points to the "Add" button.
  6. Continue to add items to the return as needed. The return saves each time you add an item. Just close the window when you are finished, and the items are removed from your stock count

    The item has been added to the return.
  7. You can see the items that have been removed by going to the “Items” page. You’ll see the stock count has changed, and if you hover over the “i” icon, you’ll see the return

    The stock for the item now shows as 3 to reflect the return of 2 units.

Mobile App

  1. From the Home screen, tap “Orders”

    An arrow points to the "Orders" tab along the bottom of the screen
  2. Tap "Add Returns”

    An arrow points to the "Add Returns" button.

Adding Return Details

  1. Select the area you are returning stock from

  2. Change the date and time to when the stock was removed from your inventory (the current date and time will show by default).

  3. Select the Distributor you are returning stock to

    The required fields are filled out and highlighted for emphasis.
  4. Tap “Continue” after entering all the details

  5. You can then take a photo of any paper proof of the return, and tap "Next" or "Skip"

    The camera opens in the app and you can take photos of any record of the return.

Adding Items and Submitting the Return

Full Units

Tap the + button beside an item to indicate the number of units you are returning, then swipe it to the right to add it to the return.

An animated gif showing items being added to the return

Cases or Partial Units

If you need to add cases or partial units, you can tap the item to see more options.

The "Cases" section is highlighted and an arrow points to the "Add partial" button.

Note: It's uncommon to return partial items to suppliers, but you may use this if you are transferring partial units between venues. When entering the value for partial units, you can use the Visual or Scale mode.

Submitting the Return

  1. After you've added your items, tap “Proceed to current scans”

    An arrow points to the "Proceed to current scans" button.
  2. On the summary screen, you’ll see all the items you have added to the return. You can still adjust the amounts before submitting

  3. When ready, tap “Submit return”

    An arrow points to the "Submit return" button.
  4. Tap Confirm

    An arrow points to the "Confirm" button.
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