Troubleshooting Sales Example

An example of how to fix an incorrect sales value due to a POS Item mapping error

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In this article, you'll find examples of common errors that impact your sales data.

Example - POS Item Mapping Error

In this example, we’ll take a look at how a recipe error affects your sales value.

With this Molson Canadian, we see that we have sold 1.74 units, but consumed 20 units. Right away, we know there is an issue because this is a beer bottle, which is only sold as a full unit in our venue.

The Sold and the Consumed amount are highlighted for emphasis.

Check Item's POS Mapping

  1. To find out what is going on, click the item's details

    An arrow points to the "Details" button

  2. Click the "POS Items" tab to check the mapping

    An arrow points to the "POS Items" tab
  3. We can see that the recipe is set to use 1oz instead of 1 unit. To change the quantity used in the recipe, hover your cursor over the POS Item and click the pencil icon

    An arrow points to the pencil icon

Edit POS Item

  1. On the Edit POS Item page that opens, click the “Serving Size” column to adjust the amount being used in the recipe

    An arrow points to the "Serving Size" column

  2. Choose an existing serving size from the list (in this case, bottle), or use Custom to enter a new amount. In this example, we’ll select our serving size called “Bottle”, which is 1 full unit

    An arrow points to "Bottle" in the Serving Size drop-down
  3. After selecting the new serving size, the change saves automatically, and the cost of the item updates

    The updated serving size and cost display

Issue Resolved

After updating the recipe, go back to the Variance page to see that the sales now match the consumption:

The item no longer shows a variance. The sales and consumption match

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