The predefined filters are optional tools to help you quickly identify any variance issues.

The following predefined filters are available for your use:

With Consumption or Sales - This filters out any of your items that have no activity for this variance period.

Variance Groups - If you have multiple SKUS of an item, for example, a Jameson 750ml bottle, and a Jameson 1L bottle, you can create variance groups to view the total sales/consumption. You will need to set up the variance groups ahead of time by going to Actions > Manage Variance Groups.

Stock Errors - This will display any item with a perceived stock error. Your inventory increased from one inventory to another without adding invoices.

With Consumption but not mapped to Any POS Items - This shows that an item was used, but is not currently used in any of your recipes on the POS Items page. This may mean that you have missing recipe data, or need to update your POS Items

With Consumption but without Sales - In this filter, the item may be included as part of a recipe, but there are no sales of those items during the period. This may indicate that there is missing sales information.

With Sales but no Consumption - This shows that an item has been sold based on the recipes in the POS Items, but nothing was actually used (based on your inventory counts and deliveries). This may mean you need to update your recipes, or an item was punched, and different ingredients were used.

Consumption greater than sales - This will show your negative variances (losses)

Sales greater than consumption - This will show your positive variances (surplus).

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