If you place a bottle on the Bluetooth scale and there is still liquid inside, but the WISK app says it is empty, there are a few reasons why this may be the case:

  1. The density of the liquid
  2. Wrong bottle weight
  3. Weighing a different bottle than what was scanned
  4. Scale may not be on flat and level surface

Liquid Density

WISK uses the full weight of a bottle and the density rating for each category to calculate how much liquid remains in a bottle.

For some types of alcohol (mainly liqueurs) this density rating can vary.

To get a more accurate measurement, you can add an empty weight to the bottle information.

With a full and empty weight on file, the density rating for the category is ignored.

If you have scanned a bottle that is almost empty, you can pour the contents out into another container, and record the empty weight of the bottle to get a more accurate measurement.

To add an empty bottle weight after scanning a bottle:

  1. Tap the Edit Bottle icon
  2. Tap the Empty Weights (g) field
  3. Tap Add Weight
  4. Enter the empty bottle weight in grams
  5. Tap the back arrow and then “Save”

Wrong Bottle Weight

It’s possible the full weight of the bottle on file may be inaccurate. Bottle weights can change over time due to redesigns in packaging.

If you have a full bottle of the alcohol on hand, place it on the scale and compare it to the full weight on file. If there is a large variance, you can delete the inaccurate weight.

To add a new full bottle weight after scanning a bottle:

  1. Tap the full weight that displays beneath the bottle
  2. Swipe the incorrect full weight to the left and tap "Delete"
  3. Tap Add Weight
  4. Enter the empty bottle weight in grams / kg / lbs
  5. Tap the back arrow and you'll see the new weight displays

Weighing the Wrong Bottle

Pay close attention to the volume of the bottle displaying in the app. For example, if you have scanned a 1.75L bottle of Jameson, and you have placed a 750ml bottle on the scale, you will not get an accurate measurement.

This is most likely to occur when using the “Previous” list while taking inventory. 

Always check the volume of the bottle that displays when entering your counts.

Scale Use

Whenever you are using the scale, you want to make sure you are using these best practices:

  • Make sure the scale is on a flat and level surface
  • Make sure to zero the scale (press the tare button if it displays anything other than 0g if nothing is on the scale)
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