If you place your SAQ orders through the SAQ Web Portal (https://commandetp.saq.com), you can pull them into the WISK Mobile App.

Step 1 - Tap New Receiving

Step 2 - Select SAQ as the Distributor

Step 3 - Select "Import from SAQ Web Portal"

Step 4 - Select the Date and Location

  1. Set the date and time the order is being received
  2. Set the location
  3. Tap Continue

Step 5 - Enter your SAQ Credentials

  1. Enter your Username and Password for the SAQ Web Portal
  2. Tap Log In

Step 6 - Select the Invoice to Receive

Step 7 - Take Photos of the Invoice

Step 8 - Choose how to Receive the Order

*Note: If you tap "Do it Now" you will review the items in the invoice and swipe them in to your venue. If you tap "Convert to Intake" it will receive all the items from the order, not accounting for anything that didn't arrive. If you select "Convert to Intake" you can always edit the receiving later.

Step 9 - Swipe in Your Items

You will see all the items in your Invoice. Swipe them in like when receiving from a Purchase Order.

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