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Importing an Invoice/Order from the SAQ Web Portal

How to import an invoice from the SAQ Restauration site into your WISK account

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If you are on the Professional plan or higher and use the SAQ Restauration site, you can import invoices from that account into WISK automatically.

Those invoices then appear as draft invoices in WISK that need to be converted. If your plan includes processing by the WISK Team, they will take care of them.

How does it work?

This takes invoices that appear on the "Mes Factures"( page and imports the attached PDF.

When PDFs are imported, what happens next depends on the invoice number detected in the file.

If the invoice number contains RI, it is imported as a draft invoice. These are the most complete invoices that should contain everything you received from the SAQ.

If the invoice number contains TP, it is automatically archived.

The TP invoice is automatically archived.

TP invoices are archived because they contain the same content as the RI Invoices - and this prevents double adding of invoices to keep your data accurate. Anything that appears on a TP invoice appears on the RI invoice.

Important: If you are receiving stock from the SAQ for invoices that don't appear on this site, you will need to add them manually.

Add Credentials to WISK Account

To import invoices, you’ll first need to add your SAQ credentials for to your venue on the WISK Web Portal.

To add your credentials:

  1. Click Distributors on the side-menu bar

    The "Distributors" button is highlighted on the side menu bar.

  2. Click the Details button beside the SAQ distributor

    An arrow points to the "Details" button for the SAQ distributor

  3. Enter the venue’s username and password for the SAQ Portal and click “Save portal credentials”

    The "Username" and "Password" fields have been filled in and the "Save portal credentials" button is highlighted.

    Note: If you change your password the integration will stop working. Re-enter the credentials with the updated password.

  4. The credentials are saved and no longer visible. You can remove the credentials at any time by clicking “Clear portal credentials”

    Portal credentials are saved

  5. When this is set up, WISK imports your invoices from the past 45 days. As new invoices come in, they will be imported when they appear on the Mes Factures page.

Import Invoices

After adding your SAQ credentials, it pulls our last 45 days of invoices, and new draft invoices will appear in your account automatically.

You’ll need to review the invoices and convert them before the stock is added to your inventory.

Note: If your plan includes invoice processing by WISK, these can be converted by our team.

To see your draft invoices for review:

  1. Click “Orders” > “Draft Invoices". You'll see a number showing the amount of invoices that need to be reviewed and converted. These are all invoices that has RI in the invoice #

    "Draft Invoices" is highlighted on the side menu bar for emphasis.
  2. Click the “Details” button beside a draft invoice

    An arrow points to the "Details" button beside a draft invoice.

  3. Follow the steps in the “Reviewing & Converting a Draft Invoice” article to finalize the invoice.

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