When you import your sales data into WISK, it creates a POS Item in your venue for each item sold in your POS. For example, if you sold an item in your POS called “Grey Goose Single”, there would be a corresponding item created in WISK.

With those POS Items in your venue's account, the next step is to add the ingredients that are used every time the item is sold. This is called POS Item mapping or adding your recipes.

By mapping your POS Items, you’ll be able to compare how much you sold of an item to how much you actually consumed between two inventories.

You can map your recipes in both the WISK Web Portal and the Mobile app:

Note: Not sure which to use? We recommend using the WISK Web Portal to do your initial recipe mapping. The mobile app is a quick way to map any new POS Items you create, or make any changes to existing POS Items.

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