WISK Bar - Adding Your First Invoice

How to enter an invoice into WISK after your First Inventory using the Manual Method

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With your First Inventory complete, you have an accurate count of your venue's stock. From this point, you must enter all of your invoices received into WISK.

If you don't add your invoices, your consumption data (i.e usage) won't be accurate when you submit your Second Inventory (See: Stock Errors).

Consumption = Starting Inventory + Invoices - Ending Inventory

You can use WISK to place orders to your distributors which speeds up the receiving process. However, if you don't use WISK to place orders, you can enter your invoices via "Manual Invoice".

You can add a manual invoice in both the WISK Web Portal and Mobile App

By adding your invoices, you can also view the cost history of your items. To learn more, please see:

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