Consumption Cost

Number of bottles consumed multiplied by the wholes prices you added to each product. Example: Bacardi, Superior 1.14L is $28.64 x 2.5(number of bottles consumed) = $71.60.

Sold (bottles)

Number of bottles sold based on the sales data received from your POS system and using the POS items and recipes you have created. Example: 17x Jager Bomb Shot + 40x Jager Shot = 1.29 bottles sold)

Consumed (bottles)

Previous inventory + Orders received – Current inventory. i.e What has been used/consumed. Example: Baltika 7 Lager Jan 8th 47 bottles in stock, Jan 10th 60 bottles received, Jan 14th 50 bottles in stock, 47+60-50 = 57 bottles consumed.

Variance (bottles)

Sold (bottles) - Consumed (bottles). Basically what has been used of the product but not recorded in sales. Example: Bacardi, Superior 1.14L, 2.1 Sold - 2.5 Consumed = -0.4 bottle variance

Variance (oz)

Same as Variance (Bottles) but converted to ounces. Example: Bacardi, Superior 1.14L variance of -0.4 bottles converted to -15.43

Variance Cost ($)

The cost of the variance based on the wholesale price. Example: Bacardi, Superior 1.14L full bottle cost = $28.64, with variance of -0.4 bottles/15.43oz equates to a loss of $11.47.

Variance Retail ($)

The cost of the variance based on loss sale price using weighted average of all the POS items that the product is an ingredient. Example: Bacardi, Superior 1.14L variance is 15.43oz x $6.17 (weighted avg price) = $95.06

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