STEP 1: Create a Venue Bottle for the Batch

In order to track your batches, you need to create bottles for them, and count them in your inventory.

  1. Go to 
  2. Click on  Actions > Create new bottle. 

STEP 2: Enter the bottle details

Add the following details to the bottle:

  1. The name of the cocktail
  2. The volume of the bottle you are using
  3. Category is Coolers and Pre Mixed Drinks
  4. Optional - add a full weight if using the scale

Note: If you store a batched cocktail in different sized bottles, create a bottle for each.

STEP 3: Assign the ratio of ingredients

With the bottle created, WISK doesn't know what is inside the bottle yet. You need to assign the ratio of ingredients to it. To do this, we will create a placeholder POS Item. 

  1. Go to the POS Items page (
  2. Click Actions > New POS Item
  3. Give it a name, and assign a PLU number that does not match any other items (for example, if all your PLU numbers are 4 digits, use something like 7777777)
  4. Add the ingredients in the batch item. If there are non-alcoholic items, you can either create "bottles" for these, or create a generic bottle called "Non-Alcoholic Batch Ingredients".
  5. Click Columns and toggle on Volume Percentage to make sure you have the correct ratios. The actual quantity you enter for each ingredient is less important than the percentage. The percentage is used to calculate how much of an ingredient is in a bottle of any size.
  6. Click on the Batch checkbox and click Close. 

STEP 4: Connect the POS Item to the Venue Bottle

After you have added the ratio of ingredients and checked the "Batch" box. Return to the Venue Bottles page.

  1. Search for the batch bottle
  2. Click on Columns on the right side
  3. Click on Batches
  4. You'll then see your batches in a dropdown list. Click the one that corresponds to the bottle (If you don't see it, please refresh your browser). 

This step links the ratio of ingredients to the bottle you created. In this example, since the Negroni ingredients were all a third of the batch, a 750ml bottle of Negroni would be made up of:

  • 250 ml Bombay Sapphire
  • 250 ml Martini Rosso
  • 250 ml Campari

You would then count the batched bottles in your inventory. When viewing your variance, it converts the batched bottle back into its base ingredients so you will see your overall usage of each ingredient.

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