If you’ve submitted an inventory and made a mistake, you can go back into it and adjust the counts. It’s best to make any edits to an inventory not long after it was submitted so your count is accurate.

Note: Only use Edit Inventory to fix counting mistakes. If you're taking a new full inventory count, you'll need to start an inventory instead.

Select an Inventory

Select the inventory that you need to edit:

  1. Tap “Inventories” along the bottom menu bar
  2. Tap “Edit Inventory”
  3. Tap an inventory on the Recent Inventories list

Update Counts

  1. Tap into an area
  2. You can add new items to the area by using the scanner or search, or you can adjust the current counts by tapping “Proceed to current scans”
  3. You’ll then be on the Inventory Area Summary page where you can make changes

Full Units

To adjust the number of full units, tap the “+” or “-” buttons beside an item

Partial Units

To adjust partial units, tap the item, and either select a new amount using the visual mode or place the item on the scale and tap Confirm.

Deleting an Item

To delete an item, swipe it to the left and tap “Delete”

Saving the Update

After updating the counts:

  1. Tap “Review area inventory update”
  2. Tap “save area inventory”
  3. A prompt asks if you’d like to resend the inventory report. If you don’t have any other changes to make in another area, tap “Resend”
  4. The changes have been made to the area. You can tap into another area if you need to make additional changes. Otherwise, you can tap “X” to exit the inventory.

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