Supported iOS Devices

The WISK Mobile App is currently supported on Apple devices with iOS 13:

  • iPhone (6s and higher)
  • iPad (full list here)
  • iPod Touch (7th generation, released May 28, 2019)

Please see here for a full list of iOS 13 compatible devices.

The WISK Mobile App is not currently available on Android devices.

Bluetooth Scale

While it is possible to take inventory with WISK by using our "Visual" mode to eye-ball the contents of a bottle, you can get a more accurate measurement by using one of our supported Bluetooth scales.

These Bluetooth scales connect to your iOS device and the WISK Mobile App automatically. Simply scan your liquor bottles and place them on the scale. The WISK Mobile App then tells you how much is in the bottle, eliminating the need for eyeballing.

1) Escali Smart Connect Bluetooth Scale - Model Number SC115KS

Purchase Links

2) SmartLAB Kitchen Scale with Bluetooth - Model Number D36450

Purchase Link

Note: These scales will connect to WISK out of the box. You do not need to download the manufacturer's app to use them.

If you purchase either scale from a different source than listed above, make sure you are getting the correct model, or else it will not work with the WISK app.

Keg Scale

Weighing your partial beer kegs provides a more accurate measurement. Any scale designed for weighing large and heavy objects can be used. These are often called Postal or Shipping Scales. We recommend the following model:

Barcode Scanners

For most clients, using the camera of the iOS device to scan barcodes is sufficient. However, there are some cases, depending on the size of the inventory, or the lighting conditions of the venue, where a barcode scanner can speed up the process.

The WISK app integrates with the following scanners:

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