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Generating an order to the SAQ is similar to other suppliers, but there are a few small differences.

  1. You can search the SAQ database to add new items

  2. You can export your order from WISK Web Portal and import it to the SAQ Web Portal

To learn more about generating orders, please see:

Search SAQ's Items

If you need to order an item that isn’t on your venue’s item list, you can search the SAQ database.

  1. Hover your cursor over SAQ and click “Search SAQ’s items”

  2. Type the name of the item in the search bar. The results display

  3. To add an item, type the amount you wish to order in the “Quantity to order” field. You can click the “Order Format” field to toggle between units and cases


    Note: Hover your cursor over an item and click the “Eye” icon to see more details.

  4. After adding the amount, the item is added to your cart, and your venue’s item list.

Export Order to the SAQ Portal

If you place your orders through the SAQ’s Web Portal, you can export the item codes from the order you generate in WISK. This allows you to use the “Importer ma commande” feature on the SAQ Web Portal.

After generating the purchase order in WISK:

  1. Click “Send to SAQ”

    The order has been generated in WISK and the

    Note: If you want to send it later, you can go to the purchase order and click “Send to SAQ” from the Actions menu.

  2. A window appears with all the SAQ item codes in the purchase order. Click “Copy to clipboard” and then “Open SAQ Portal”.


    Note: The SAQ updated their ordering site to no longer allow you to add the quantity ordered when you import items

  3. Enter your credentials to log-in to the SAQ Portal

    The SAQ Web Portal log in screen.
  4. On the side menu, click “Ma commande”

  5. Click “Importer ma commande”

  6. Paste the item codes into the window that appears and click “Importer”

    The import window. The item codes from WISK are pasted, and the
  7. The items appear in your cart, and you’ll adjust the quantities to match the order you generated in WISK. You can then finalize the order.

    The items appear in the SAQ cart.

Note: We are currently in contact with the SAQ to see if they will add the item quantity back to the import feature. Restoring this ability would greatly reduce the amount of time required to place your order. If you would like to reach out to the SAQ and provide feedback on this change, you can contact them here:

Montreal area

Telephone: 514 254-8686 or 1 866 554-8686

Email: |

Quebec City area

Telephone: 418 654-2950 or 1 866 654-2950


Order Finalized

When you return to the browser tab with WISK, you’ll see a prompt asking if you have placed the order.

If you have placed the order, click “Order placed”, otherwise, click “Not yet”.

When you click “Order placed” the purchase order that you generated in WISK is archived. This is because when the order arrives, you’ll receive it by importing the invoice from the SAQ Portal directly. To learn more, please see:

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