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Supported iOS Devices

The WISK Mobile App is currently supported on Apple devices with iOS 13 or higher:

  • iPhone (6s and higher)

  • iPad (full list here)

  • iPod Touch (7th generation, released May 28, 2019)

For the best value, performance, and ease of use, we recommend the iPhone SE (2nd Generation or higher)

If using an iPad, we recommend the iPad mini (4th generation or higher) because it can be held in one hand easier than larger models.

Please see here for a full list of iOS 13 compatible devices.

The WISK Mobile App is not currently available on Android devices.

Supported Web Browsers

Whether you're using a computer, tablet, or mobile device, the WISK Web Portal ( is optimized to run on Google Chrome.

Bluetooth Scales

While you can count partial items using our "Visual" mode to estimate the amount remaining, you can get a more accurate measurement by using one of our supported Bluetooth scales.

These Bluetooth scales connect to your iOS device and the WISK Mobile App automatically. Simply scan an item and place it on the scale. The value is then entered in the app, no manual entry required.

For volume-based items, it displays the remaining volume, eliminating the need for eyeballing.

WISK supports the following Bluetooth scales:

  1. Perfect Blend 2.0 Smart Scale - Model Number BLM027

  2. Perfect Blend PRO Smart Scale - Model Number BLP040

  3. Escali Smart Connect Bluetooth Scale - Model Number SC115KS

  4. SmartLAB Kitchen Scale with Bluetooth - Model Number D36450

  5. REDMOND SkyScale - Model Number 741S-E

Please click here to see where the scales can be purchased.

Note: These scales connect to the WISK app out of the box. You don't need to download the manufacturer's app to use them.

Keg Scales

For WISK Bar venues, weighing your partial beer kegs provides a more accurate measurement than guessing with the "Visual" method.

Any scale designed for weighing large and heavy objects can be used. These are often called Postal or Shipping/Freight Scales. We recommend the following model:

Handheld Barcode Scanners

For most clients, using the camera of the iOS device to scan barcodes is sufficient. However, there are some cases, depending on the size of the inventory, or the lighting conditions of the venue, where a handheld barcode scanner can speed up the inventory process.

The WISK app integrates with the following handheld scanners:

Tip: We recommend the Socket Mobile over the Linea Pro because it's a separate device that pairs with any iOS device, providing greater flexibility. The Linea Pro physically attaches to your iOS device like a case, and must be compatible with the model of your iOS device.

Using a handheld scanner instead of your iOS device camera also provides a number of counting shortcuts to speed up the inventory process:

Socket Mobile Scanner Setup

To set up your Socket Mobile scanner, you'll need to put it into iOS mode before pairing with your mobile device.

To put your Socket Mobile in iOS mode please scan this barcode:

For complete setup and pairing instructions, please see:

If you're having trouble connecting to the iOS device reset your Socket Mobile scanner by scanning this barcode:

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